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Would a $400,000 Pick 6 paycheck change your life? Can your $32 ticket beat out a syndicates $12,000 wager? Are you making the smartest Pick 6 play possible? Would you be content earning a six-figure income at the racetrack: year after year? This book can pay for itself, your retirement, AND your house! It is not a handicapping book, and it's not a "system." It is a book about learning how to routinely win monster Pick 6 paychecks. A one-of-a-kind book with 397 pages dedicated to horse racing's ultimate wager.
If you want to become wealthy playing the horses, the ONLY way to do so is to become a Pick 6 winner. A repeat Pick 6 winner. If you're a consistent loser at the racetrack, here is your opportunity to turn it all around and become a BIG winner... fast!
Millions of horseplayers just don't get it. They are losers. They fritter their money away on Exactas, Superfectas, Super High Fives and the lowly Show wager. Playing those "fun" wagers drains their bank account. They certainly aren't the wagers big winners play. Readers of How to WIN the PICK 6 are going to "get it." They are going to put an end to their losing days by learning how to become winners. Isn't that what you want?
Readers will be educated and mentored to put winning selections on Pick 6 tickets ranging from $16 to several hundred dollars. They will be shown the amazing 3% Solution, the eye-opening 30/30/40 Rule, and other novel Pick 6 strategies to guide them toward a life of financial freedom.

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