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Horse Betting: My Horse Racing Tips 150 page lined notebook.

Great for beginners and intermediate horse players, the second edition of “Smarter Bets the Exacta Way” is designed to teach you the basic principals and art of betting exactas. This simple process contains solid handicapping strategies to help you to identify the best horses to include in your all your wagers. As a long time horse racing enthusiast, horse owner and Kentucky Derby fan, Keith will share with you all the information you need to make a higher return on your investments. You will learn Keith’s formula to identifying top contenders to include in all your bets, including how to analyze a race with positive results. Included are personal experiences and exacta wagering in the Kentucky Derby. Learn all the solid handicapping strategies to cashing more winning tickets. Whether you are novice at handicapping or think you know what you are doing, this book will teach you what you need to know in simple language. Included in this book are chapters in understanding the exacta bets, evaluating your horses and choosing the best options to maximize your profits. Train yourself, condition yourself and prepare yourself to produce the ultimate payoff!.

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