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Vin Rogers loved thoroughbred horseracing and became a rider and owner himself after retirement. Now he offers an unparalleled glimpse into racetrack culture and the challenges that come with owning, racing, and handicapping thoroughbreds. Horseracing from the Inside Out provides a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at what’s involved in acquiring and training racehorses and offers numerous tips and techniques related to handicapping and betting. In his guide, Rogers explains how to do the following: Identify the nature and idiosyncrasies of the thoroughbred racehorse Buy a racehorse of your own Consider the pros and cons of joining a racing partnership Fine-tune the reader’s handicapping and wagering tools Rogers’s insider perspective will open a new world to you. His racetrack experiences have led to some amazing wins and heartbreaking losses as he shares anecdotes about his second career. Whether you are considering buying a racehorse yourself or simply hoping to make educated wagers at the track, Horseracing from the Inside Out will help you make winning choices.

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